3/13/15 Updates

Working on pages for Uglydolls and DigiBirds. I hope to create archives of other enjoyable toys and collectables in the future, too!

9/21/14 Updates

Created a gallery for Suikoden! It's likely I'll only be archiving images and information on the first three games, though, as they are the only ones I have played as of yet.

5/31/14 Updates

Started work on my plants of Pennsylvania journal. Please, check it out! :3

3/29/14 Updates

Added a gallery for Final Fantasy Tactics.

3/12/14 Updates

Opened up a gallery for Vanillaware and made some minor changes to the site's appearance. I will eventually be adding a section for GrimGrimoire, too!

10/17/13 Updates

You can now dress up Wren into all sorts of froofy clothes via the doll maker link! He's also insisted on adding a section full of his favorite things, too. Looks like he's running the whole show lately.

7/13/13 Updates

Contact information added! Lots of images uploaded for La Tale, too! Planning on having a section for doodles and mini stories, as well. Those will be a work in progress. Anyway, found some more artwork for Simoun and will be adding additional galleries in the future. Bye for now!

6/23/13 Updates

Added a section in the galleries for the MMORPG LaTale. It's rather difficult to find decent quality images, but I managed to pull a nice collection together with some help. Broken links will be broken until further notice. Yes, I'm aware there isn't any contact information yet. SOON. VERY SOON. :3

6/10/13 Updates

Site has opened! We have no content yet, but will soon become more organized. Feel free to have a look around. I'm hoping to have lots of goodies in the future. Although, right now, it's time to take a little cat nap.... zzz.