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Little Live Pets Butterflies

These little butterflies are beautifully designed. They have magnets on their base, so they can attach comfortably to a magnetic surface. To charge up your butterfly, set it on it's flower base. It will be fully charged when it stops flapping it's wings. Once charged, these butterflies behave differently depending on how happy they are. You can increase their happiness by interacting with them more often.

Butterfly Happiness

• Lonely - Fluffers very fast with a jittery movement for around 30 seconds.
• Content - Flutters quickly in a random pattern for around 40 seconds.
• Happy - Flutters with a smooth medium paced movement for around 50 seconds.
• Joyful - Flutters with a slow smooth pace for around 60 seconds.

Series 1 My Butterfly

Series 2 Sparkling Wings of the World

Series 3 Dazzling Bright Wings

Butterfly House Editions

Flower Garden Dancing Butterfly Set