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Micro Pets-i

Released in 2010, TAKARA TOMY Micro Pets-i was quite a hit in Japan. They have a lot of upgrades compared to the original MicroPets. They can detect objects as they stroll around and avoid them. Also, they can sing their own songs or have a duet with one another! They each come with a little ball that they can follow around in chase mode.


• Clap your hands three times to have it sing "It's a Small World."
• Clap four times for "Ten Little Indians."
• Clap five times for "Electrical Parade."
• Be sure to wait for the MicroPet's nose to light up between each clap.
• Micropets can sing in unison, too!

Program Mode

To program your MicroPet, turn the MicroPet off, then press the button on top of its head six times. Your pet will light up and make three small beeping noises. Wait one second and the pet will light up again. Press the pet's head button now if you want to program the "Go Forward" command. To program the "Turn Right" command, wait for the pet to light up twice, then press the head button. To program the "Turn Left" command, wait for the pet to light up three times, then press the head button.

When you hear three beeping sounds, the MicroPet has finished programming and will perform the commands. You can program up to five commands in a row. When in program mode, your pet will not respond to your voice commands or sing songs. To go back to the normal command mode, turn the MicroPet off then back on.

Micro Pets-i Series 1

A pink bear Micro Pet-i.


A yellow bear Micro Pet-i.


A panda bear Micro Pet-i.


A cream-colored dog Micro Pet-i.


A light tan dog Micro Pet-i.


A brown dog Micro Pet-i with pink ears.


A white cat Micro Pet-i.


A brown cat Micro Pet-i.


A black cat Micro Pet-i.


Micro Pets-i Series 2

A pink squirrel Micro Pet-i.


A blue squirrel Micro Pet-i.


A brown squirrel Micro Pet-i.


A teal dog Micro Pet-i with brown ears.


A dalmation Micro Pet-i.


A cream-colored dog Micro Pet-i with pink ears.


A light blue bunny Micro Pet-i.


A white bunny Micro Pet-i.


A light pink bunny Micro Pet-i.


Micro Pets-i (Japan Only)

A teal bear Micro Pet-i with a pink collar.

Milky Mint

A yellow cat Micro Pet-i with a pink collar.

Mille Crepe

A pink rabbit Micro Pet-i.


A cream-colored rabbit Micro Pet-i.


Micro Pets-iDX (Japan Only)

A cream-colored bear Micro Pet-i.


A cute house, ball, star wand, and a blue archway.

Yogurt's Accessories

A light blue dog Micro Pet-i.


A cute house, ball, star wand, and a pink archway.

Lamune's Accessories

Micro Pets-i Limited Editions

A purple cat Micro Pet-i with a silver star on it's head.

Berry Fizz