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Shopkins Shoppets

These flocked animals are meant to be pals for various Shopkin Shoppies. They have jointed arms and can turn their heads, but are otherwise limited in movement. They don't stand very well on their own, but luckily come with a clear stand to keep them upright. All in all, they're cute... TOO cute. It would be easy to go on a collecting rampage with these. Just be wary, because the unicorn, Rainbow Sparkles, was a limited release and is quite difficult to get ahold of!

Shoppet Singles

A purple bear wearing a light blue ribbon.

Ambear Bow

Shopkin: Honey Pots
A white rabbit with colorful pants and a cute hat.

Bunny Bow

Shopkin: Carotta Cake
A pink cat wearing a cute dress and a little silver tiara.


Shopkin: Jana Yarn Ball
A yellow fox with a happy expression!

Foxy Lemons

Shopkin: Leona Lemon Tree
A cute kitty a lipstick themed outfit.

Kissy Boo

Shopkin: Terri Tennis Ball
A cat wearing a chocolate and pink colored outfit.

Kitty Crumbles

Shopkin: Camilla Cat Stand
A blue puppy with polka dotted clothes and a happy smile!

Pupkin Cake

Shopkin: Bonetta Cupcake
A white bear with icy blue eyes.

Snow Fro

Shopkin: Fluffy Snow Ball
A yellow hamster with a pink bow.

Hip Hip Hamster

Shopkin: Harry Hamsterball
A green tiger in a pink dress.

Minty Paws

Shopkin: Crystal Snowflake
A pink mouse with a heart accessory.

Squeak Sweetie

Shopkin: Wizzy Wheel
An adorable pink lamb with a even more adorable outfit.

Sugar Swirl

Shopkin: Netta Knit
A pink llama wearing a cream colored bow.

Glama Llama

Shopkin: Ella Powder Puff
A purple panda in a macaron inspired dress.

Oh La Panda

Shopkin: Lulu Bamboo Macaron
A very pink puppy wearing a flower themed outfit.

Petal Pup

Shopkin: Rosalea
A blue skunk in a pink dress.

Sweetie Scents

Shopkin: Pearl Perfume
A purple cat wearing a fancy dress and hair accessory.

Pretti Paws

Shopkin: Narelle Nail Polish
A smiling white lamb wearing a pastel outfit.

Mellow Lamb

Shopkin: Marshall & Melona

Shoppie Sets

A cute teal bear wearing a pink dress.

Bowdie Bear

Shoppie: Bella Bow
Shopkins: Chloe Comb & Claire Straightener
A teal cow with pink horns and snout.

Maisy Moo

Shoppie: Mia Milk
Shopkins: Indie Ice Cream, Ms. Cheese, & Jersey Jug

Pawville Sets

A tan monkey wearing a donut inspired outfit.


Includes: Sweet Donut Swing
Shopkin: Coco Anna
A pink bunny wearing a watermelon inspired outfit.

Melody Hops

Includes: Hoppy Juice Cart
Shopkin: Melina Smoothie

Shoppet Exclusives

A unicorn with colorful hair and a golden circlet.

Rainbow Sparkles

Shopkin: Twilight Cloud